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Varier Multi Kneeling Chair

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The Varier Multi kneeling chair has a variety of seat positions to suit both the user and different working heights

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  • Beige-FA60005-Std
  • Bluish-grey-FA66130-Std
  • Blue-Jade-FA67004-Std
  • Forest-Green-FA68143-Std
  • Yellow-FA62067-Std
  • Mature-Red-FA64089-Std
  • Wine-Red-FA64058-Std
  • Black-FA60999-Std
  • Light-Blue-FA66118
  • Reflex-Blue-FA66075
  • Strong-Blue-FA66032
  • Dark-Blue-FA66005
  • Pink-FA64165
  • Pink-Red-FA64166
  • Cigar-Brown-FA61131
  • Dark-Brown-FA61108
  • Ocean-Green-FA67016
  • Greenish-Grey-FA67069
  • Very-Dark-Blue-FA66061
  • Dark-Grey-FA60017
  • Grey-DIN9154-Std
  • Green-DIN9186-Std
  • Dark-Blue-DIN9062-Std
  • Black-DIN9059-Std
  • Beige-DIN9118
  • Light-Grey-Melange-DME9815
  • Green-Grey-DIN9082
  • Turquoise-DIN9056
  • Yellow-DIN9122
  • Mustard-Yellow-DIN9042
  • Darker-Red-DIN9051
  • Happy-Red-DIN9138
  • Light-Green-DIN9420
  • Blue-DIN9073
  • Soft-Blue-DIN9402
  • Grey-DIN9058
  • White-LEA700
  • LEA703
  • LEA664
  • LEA814
  • Black-LEA009
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£379.17 exc.VAT £455.00 inc.VAT View Price Guarantee

To Order

Estimated Delivery: 4-5 weeks

Request a Quote For Custom Order

Multi-ladyThe Varier Multi is an extremely strong and robust kneeling chair that will adapt easily for both adults and children.  The Multi has a four stepped adjustment on the central column that allows the user to adjust the seat height and open pelvic angle in one easy movement.  At its highest level, the angle between thigh and torso is at its maximum, alleviating the pressure at the base of the spine.  In this position, more weight will be transferred to the shin cushions so most users will take up a compromise of the second or third peg location for personal preference.

This Varier kneeling chair based upon the Balans concept, encourages the user to straighten up and balance the spine over the pelvis.  This promotes the natural ´S´ shape to the spine and avoids a slouched posture which can lead to back pain.  Deep breathing will be facilitated with less restriction on the abdomen and promoting good oxygen circulation and therefore alertness and concentration.

The seat base of the kneeling chair takes the greater proportion of the user weight and the shin supports prevent the body from sliding forward.  This knee cushion is located on rubber mounts to give a degree of flex when working and ultimately more comfort.  The four corners of the Multi base are mounted on rollers that permit the kneeling chair to slide backwards and forwards easily, though lateral movement is more difficult.  If you require this facility then you should investigate the Varier Wing kneeling chair that has castors for an easy rolling action.

The Varier Multi kneeling chair will fold flat and can therefore be easily moved between a home and work environment or indeed for storage when not required.

Dimensions:  Varier Multi kneeling chair
Height:  40-62 cm
Length: 66 cm
Width:  47 cm

To examine the operation of the Varier Multi Kneeling Chair in more detail, watch the brief video below.

Where the Varier product is shown in stock, please check that the fabric type, colour and wood matches your requirements.
In stock items will be delivered within 1-3 days.

Stock Chairs in the specified  colours can be returned to FineBack Furniture within 14 days provided that written notice is supplied within 7 days of delivery.  The item must be returned in its original packaging and in a saleable condition.  Once a product is assembled, the customer has agreed to accept the goods.  Goods that display signs of use or assembly cannot be returned.

Varier offer a great opportunity to customise the ergonomic chair to your own requirements and blend with the surroundings.

Standard Fabric Colours have a delivery time of 4-5 weeks and are denoted by the fabric colour followed by 'Std'. i.e. Black 60999 Std.

Non Standard Fabric Colours will only display the fabric colour code, i.e. FM66075, available in 5-6 weeks.

If you are in any doubt as to the anticipated delivery on your specific order then please contact customer services on 01727 827744.
Orders that are placed for a bespoke product involving a selection of fabric type, fabric colour and chair specification cannot be returned.

FineBack regularly monitor and adjust our prices to ensure that we remain competitive. If you have found the same product elsewhere for a cheaper price then just let us know and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

If you have a requirement for a bulk order, then please contact us using the form below or call us immediately on 01727 827744.

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A 7 year warranty is offered on all wooden components.

Wood is selected from farmed resources using principles of sustainability.

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