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Sit Stand Desks & Height Adjustable Desks

FineBack Furniture supply Sit Stand Desks and Height Adjustable desks to customers for use by both adults and children.

Why Choose a Sit-Stand Desk?

A sit-stand desk can be used at the normal height of your regular type desk and office chair, but these desks can also be raised to a full, comfortable standing height to work at as well. The principles of varying your posture and increasing movement are essential elements of backcare, and using a sit stand desk has been shown to not only be helpful in reducing muscle fatigue but also in improving circulation.

Popular Sit Stand Desks

The Benefits of a Children's Height Adjustable Desk

Children's Height adjustable desks are designed and built to maintain a healthy posture and sitting position from an early age.  As your Kids grow up, their desk's height can be gradually raised to a new position, more ideally suited to their size and height.

Popular Height Adjustable Childrens Desks