RH Logic 400 Ergonomic Office Chair

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The RH Logic 400 has a high back and a comprehensive range of features to personalise your sitting position. The RH Logic 400 is a well regarded ergonomic office chair, frequently specified for those who experience, back pain, backache and back muscle strain at work.  We can access some common colours for delivery in one week so do call if your need is urgent.

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Product Description

The RH Logic 400 Philosophy of Ergonomics


The success of the RH Logic 400 ergonomic office chair is founded on the two principles of upright posture and active sitting.  Designed to place the user into a correct sitting position, the chair will maintain this posture and back support, whilst allowing the user freedom of movement.


This 'Two-Point Principle' or 2PP encourages deeper breathing and circulation, stimulating muscles to keep active without undue strain.


If you would like to see this chair in operation, then scroll to the end of the page and watch the short video, demonstrating the features and adjustments on the chair.  Alternatively if you need information to specify your chair options, then read about the ergonomic features listed below. 


Ergonomic Features of the RH Logic 400


Seat specification – the seat pad of the RH Logic 400 includes a thick wool layer to provide extra ventilation and a soft but supportive sit. The leading edge of the seat is tapered slightly to reduce pressure on the underside of the thighs and create an even weight distribution across the seat. This will enhance circulation into the legs.
An XL seat can be specified for the Logic 400 chair with with a 40mm deeper and 20mm wider seat pad than the standard Logic 400 seat. Where necessary, a coccyx cut out can be incorporated into the seat to alleviate pressure in the coccyx area and improve long term sitting comfort. For those users who need the ultimate in pressure relief, then a memory foam seat is available to give excellent comfort and relief.


Seat height & depth adjustment – easy to operate from the seated position with clearly labelled controls. The seatslide gives a 60mm travel to the seat that is adjusted to the length of the thigh.


Contoured backrest – the RH Logic 400 has a high backrest to give support for the upper back and shoulders. The backrest narrows towards the top and has little inward curvature which encourages the user to keep the shoulders ‘open’ and in contact with the back. Arm and shoulder movement is therefore less restricted. A subtle Tvedt cushion improves extra support between the shoulder blades.
For luxury style or to complement home interiors, opt for the upholstered backshell which is called the RH Logic 400 elegance. This option looks superb in Comfort faux suede or leather.  If you require the same functionalty of the chair with a medium height backrest, then follow the link for the RH Logic 300 office chair.


Back Height adjustment - the backrest height can be adjusted from the seated position, by releasing the locking lever and sliding the back up and down until the curve of the backrest engages with the lumbar area. This can be set precisely for the individual and its position will not change even when reclined.


Inflatable lumbar support - the extent of support in the lumbar area can be varied by using the inflatable cushion. Users with a deep lumbar curve may require more support in the cushion to achieve comfort.


Back angle adjustment - the backrake angle can be altered for individual preference and will allow for an upright or more relaxed working posture.


Back Tilt tension - the tilt mechanism is infinitely adjustable and should be set precisely for user weight and size. It will allow movement or dynamic seating as the chair follows your every movement, regardless of your working posture. This promotes an active work environment but ensures that the back support is always maintained through a range of activity. With correct settings, the user can recline backwards and the knee tilt mechanism will allow the feet to remain firmly on the floor.


Adjustable armrests - adjustable armrests are optional for the RH Logic 400 but in our opinion are essential. It has been calculated that up to 10% of bodyweight can be transmitted through the armrests and without that support, the shoulders can drop when tired and then roll forward. Adjustable armrests maintain the upper body geometry, particulary necessary for users with neck pain and shoulder issues. There are two styles available:
8S  armrests – height and width adjustable. Armrest tops can rotate or be swivelled inwards, to achieve greater support for forearms when working with the keyboard. This variant has a more cushioned top and remains the most popular choice.


8E  armrests – height and width adjustable. Armrest tops can extend forward and backward but not rotate. This option can be beneficial to slide backward and avoid contact with desktop.


Adjustable neckrest - the neckrest is height adjustable and can pivot forward to meet and support the upper neck. When reclining back in the RH Logic 400, the neckrest will support the weight of the head and allow the neck muscles to relax and relieve neck tension.


Footbase options - the standard footbase for the RH Logic 400 ergonomic office chair is silver/grey aluminium, an extremely robust platform. There are options for matt black aluminium and also polished aluminium.


Castor selection - the standard castor is supplied for use with soft or carpeted flooring. If you require a soft castor for hard or laminate flooring, then choose this option.


If you are searching for a durable, high quality office chair with a lower budget, then the RH Extend 100  and RH Extend 200 are a sound alternative for a medium height backrest.  For taller users, we would suggest that the RH Extend 120  and RH Extend 220 with the higher backrest.


Dimensions: RH Logic 400
Backrest width: 440mm
Backrest height: 620mm
Seat width: 465mm
Seat depth: 475mm (seatslide 60mm)
Seat height: 410-530mm


XL Seat:  485mm width / 515mm depth


RH Armrest Specification:


8S - Rotating armrests - adj. in height & width. Armrest height above seat 200-300mm.


8E - Sliding armrests - adj. in height, depth & width. Armrest height above seat 200-300mm.


Upholstered armrest (leather) 8E - adj. in height, depth & width. Armrest height above seat 200-300mm.


8S XL Leather padded armrests - Rotating - adj. in height & width. Armrest height above seat 225-325mm.

Customer Reviews

RH Logic 400
"I was able to create the hovering effect and I now feel I have got the chair set up nicely to perform. Thank you for being willing to respond with your advice and also for a smooth order / delivery process. "
Star Rating 5
RH Logic 400
"I purchased the RH Logic 400 Ergonomic Office Chair after thorough testing of available options in the shop and with David’s personalized evaluation of my needs, and could not be happier. Promised delivery times were held, the chair was personally delivered, hand assembled and adjusted for me, granting instant relief of lingering back pain when working. It is a beautiful chair, and a great joy to use! Thank you David for your outstanding advise and service!"
Star Rating 5
"Excellent, personalised service This wasn't the chair I expected to buy, but through David's careful questioning and observations he selected the appropriate chair to help correct my shoulder issues. His attention to detail, personalised service and lack of pressure to buy meant he was a pleasure to deal with. Thank you."
Star Rating 5
"This chair is so kind to my back. This chair provides excellent support for my back, particularly in the lumbar region where I need it most. I can really feel the difference it has made."
Star Rating 5
"Just what my back needed. A great chair which has made my back feel noticeably better. For a long time my back ache kept coming back and I couldn't quite figure out why, well after using this chair my back feels better so I blame the £200 John Lewis chair for aggravating my back! I highly recommend it!"
Star Rating 5
"Finally a proper chair for a very bad back! Last year I popped into Davids shop to see what the options were for a man with a very bad back after sitting in a draughtsman's chair for over 3 years. After discussing my plight David sat me in this chair and fitted the whole thing around me and for that brief moment I discovered what real comfort means. It's an experience l never forgot, although I foolishly tried to carry on without purchasing the chair, whilst continuing to run up huge medical bills with various chiropractors. Finally a few months later I returned to David and placed an order for this chair, after realising it made more sense to invest money in a good chair rather than squander it away on treatments. Shortly after the order was placed David came over personally and fitted the chair for me in my home studio and now I sit there even when I'm not working! Because the chair is simply amazing. Great Chair and even greater service! Many thanks"
Star Rating 5
"This chair is extremely versatile, and I imagine would be able to be adapted to suit any lower back ailments. I have a herniated L5-S1 disk, with lower-back pain and sciatica extending down my legs into my feet. Currently it's the only chair I can sit in comfortably for an extended period of time in order to work; previously I did my job from home sitting on an inflatable exercise ball! The service that David provides is extremely personal. In total he must have spent no less than three hours with me (spread over three visits), helping me find the right chair. You really couldn't buy a chair off of someone better."
Star Rating 5
"Best investment for a healthy back. I purchased a RH Logic 400 High Back office chair from Fineback Furniture about six weeks ago. I will be retiring soon and I needed an ergonomic chair for desk work at home. I don't have any major back problems, just normal wear and tear, but I had recently been reading about the importance of good posture and the negative effects of prolonged sitting in a static position. I went to Fineback Furniture because I wanted to try out and get expert advice on chairs that let you open up the angle between your lower body and thighs - the 'kneeling chair' concept. I also wanted a chair that gives good lumbar support without tempting me to sit in one position for any length of time. Fineback assessed my needs perfectly and I was able to try out a range of chairs. I chose the Logic 400 because it seemed to have everything I was looking for ergonomically. The chair is also incredibly well built with a very wide range of adjustments. Fineback's service included delivering the chair to my home and setting it up for use at my desk. This is really important because you have the confidence of knowing that the initial settings are correct for you and then you can easily fine-tune the settings later if necessary. Having spent six weeks with the chair, I think it is the best investment I could have made for minimising the effects of sitting down and maintaining good back health. I love how the 'active seating' mechanism allows me to tilt smoothly forwards and backwards with the chair always following my movements to maintain excellent support. The cushioning has just the right amount of firmness to hold you comfortably while encouraging you to change your position. The chair can be locked in any position but I don't forsee me ever wanting to do that. The adjustable arms were not something I originally considered important but now I am glad that the chair has them. Many thanks to Fineback for providing excellent service, advice and value for money."
Star Rating 5
"In a league of its own. David demoed this chair for me when I went to the shop to buy an electric desk. This chair was in a league of its own. I recommend you go and get David to fit you in this chair before deciding on which desk chair to buy. The chair was beautifully balanced and moved with you as if it was part of you. A very comfy chair."
Star Rating 5
"Excellent chair, excellent service. I had no idea what chair to choose; only that I needed a chair to stop constant back and neck aches. Not only did David select the right chair for me but he then came to both my home and office to ensure that it, my desk and computer were properly set up. Excellent chair, excellent service and my thanks as my back and neck are so much better."
Star Rating 5
"I have had many chairs, including an older model RH chair and have experimented a lot. I have now come full circle back to an RH Logic 400 and it's the best move I've made. Forget Giroflex or Herman etc. the Logic 400 Comfort is the perfect chair - look no further. Also, Look no further than FineBack - David suggested that I re-assess my needs and was 100% right. Top marks - David wants to make sure you get the right product - not just make a sale."
Star Rating 5
"Fantastic chair! I did quite a lot of research to find a highly adjustable ergonomic chair as I spend most of my day sitting in front of the computer, I have previously owned both Ergohuman and Herman Miller Aeron and have had back problems with both in the long run. I eventually concluded RH Logic 400 was probably my best bet for an upgrade. Indeed I was right, this chair is extremely comfortable and very highly adjustable, feels very sturdy and has some great unique features such as lumber support which is adjustable via a pump (I previously used a cushion for this on my Ergohuman chair but this was far from ideal). The head rest is also much better than anything I have experienced previously. Not only is the chair comfortable but it also looks great, I went for the faux suede covering which is very stylish but also feels nice to the touch. I'm glad I bought this chair from Fine Back Furniture as the customer service on a different level from what I would normally expect, they called me up to arrange a suitable delivery date, advised me on the various options, and then upon delivery set the chair up for me adjusting it to my body dimensions and gave me a tutorial of functionality saving me the hassle of working things out and messing about with adjustments myself. What more could I ask for! Very, very pleased with both the chair and the service received! It's not cheap but if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer it's well worth the money! Best chair I've owned so far by a mile!"
Star Rating 5
"Professional and specialist assistance. Many thanks for your professionalism and specialist help today, David. I feel so much more comfortable already and I am confident that the chair will make a big difference to mey posture and my daily desk work."
Star Rating 5


Stock Chairs from RH are available for one week delivery in the following Gaja fabrics:

Gaja 60999 (black), Gaja 66005 (navy).

Comfort 0050 (black)

Leather 99999 (black)

RH Chairs offers a great opportunity to customise the working chair to your own requirements.

This will involve a factory order and an approximate delivery time of 3-4 weeks.

If you are in any doubt as to the anicipated delivery on your specific order then please contact customer services on 01727 827744.

Stock Chairs in the above colours can be returned to FineBack Furniture within 14 days provided that written notice is supplied within 7 days of delivery. The item must be returned in its original packaging and in a saleable condition. Once a product is assembled, the customer has agreed to accept the goods. Goods that display signs of use or assembly cannot be returned.

Orders that are placed for a bespoke product involving a selection of fabric type, fabric colour and chair specification cannot be returned.

For full details on our returns policy, please refer to our terms and conditions.


The RH office chairs carry a 10 year guarantee from the date of delivery when used up to 9 hours per day.

For usage over 9 hours per day (24 hr environment) a 5 year warranty will apply. For 24 hr use only, a leather or 24hr fabric must be selected to maintain warranty conditions. If you require your RH Logic 400 chair for 24 hour usage, for example in a control room environment, then follow the link for the RH Logic 400 24 hour chair.

If the upholstery on your RH Chair needs replacing after the warranty has expired, the seat and backrest cushion can easily be replaced, extending further the life of the chair.

RH products are manufactured to a very high standard and it is very rare that we encounter problems. If a fault does arise with the chair then FineBack will ensure a prompt response to rectify the issue.

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