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RH Logic 4 - Ergonomic Office Chair

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This RH Model has now been discontinued

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  • EXR108
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  • FM64089
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  • GJ60003
  • GJ60999 Black
  • GJ66004
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  • GJ60001
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  • GJ60019
  • GJ60000
  • GJ61001
  • GJ61003
  • GJ61005
  • GJ61044
  • GJ62038
  • GJ62002
  • GJ62011
  • GJ62018
  • GJ62005
  • GJ63018
  • GJ63016
  • GJ63036
  • GJ63005
  • GJ61043
  • GJ64002
  • GJ64003
  • GJ64089
  • GJ64019
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  • GJ64021
  • GJ64020
  • GJ64009
  • GJ64048
  • GJ64018
  • GJ65020
  • GJ65003
  • GJ64039
  • GJ65005
  • GJ65047
  • GJ66002
  • GJ65010
  • GJ66032
  • GJ66061
  • GJ66064
  • GJ66062
  • GJ66006
  • GJ66069
  • GJ67049
  • GJ67009
  • GJ67004
  • GJ67033
  • GJ67005
  • GJ67020
  • GJ68007
  • GJ68031
  • GJ67008
  • GJ67040
  • GJ68051
  • GJ68035
  • GJ68003
  • GJ68069
  • GJ67044
  • CMF0004
  • CMF1414
  • CMF0040
  • CMF0049
  • CMF0050
  • CMF8384
  • CMF0001
  • CMF9083
  • CMF9084
  • CMF0051
  • CMF0009
  • CMF1184
  • CMF9047
  • CMF0005
  • CMF0010
  • CMF1566
  • CMF1161
  • CMF1012
  • CMF0002
  • CMF0007
  • CMF0006
  • CMF9070
  • CMF0003
  • CMF1134
  • CMF9043
  • CMF9055
  • CMF0026
  • CMF0028
  • CMF1153
  • CMF1413
  • CMF0029
  • CMF1043
  • CMF1147
  • CMF1065
  • CMF1163
  • CMF8402
  • CMF1167
  • CMF0031
  • CMF1160
  • CMF9074
  • CMF9075
  • CMF1162
  • CMF1124
  • CMF0035
  • CMF1412
  • CMF0034
  • CMF0033
  • CMF0036
  • CMF9081
  • CMF8420
  • CMF8422
  • CMF8421
  • CMF0020
  • CMF9080
  • CMF0013
  • CMF8397
  • CMF0018
  • CMF9060
  • CMF1048
  • CMF1049
  • ATG55130 Brown
  • ATG55185 Blue
  • ATG56006 Wheat
  • ATG56100 Black
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The RH Logic 4 is renowned for a comprehensive range of adjustments that will allow the user to optimise their sitting position.

The free float mechansim encourages movement whilst working but can be locked when a more static posture is required. The high back of the RH Logic 4 gives good support to the upper back yet allows unrestricted movement of the arms whilst working or when stretching back during a break.

The RH Logic 4 with its inflatable lumbar support and variable back angle enable precise positioning of the back relative to your work area, easing strain to provide a fully supportive and comfortable sitting position.

The Logic 4 is standard with grey lacquered aluminium footbase and castors for carpeted floors.

Product Features: RH Logic 4
-Seat height adjustment
-Seat Slide
-Back height adjustment
-Free float mechanism (lockable)
-Tension adj. for user weight
-Back rake adjustment
-Inflatable lumbar support.

Dimensions: RH Logic 4
Backrest width: 450mm
Backrest height: 630mm
Seat width: 470mm
Seat depth: 480mm (seatslide 60mm)
Seat height: 435-550mm

RH Armrest Spec:

8S - Rotating armrests - adj. in height & width. Armrest height above seat 215-295mm.

8S Class A - Rotating armrests - adj. in height & width. Armrest height above seat 200-280mm.

8E - Sliding armrests - adj. in height, depth & width. Armrest height above seat 215-295mm.

8E Class A - Sliding armrests - adj. in height, depth & width. Armrest height above seat 200-280mm.

Upholstered armrest (leather) 8E - adj. in height, depth & width. Armrest height above seat 215-295mm.

Upholstered armrest (leather) 8E Class A - adj. in height, depth & width. Armrest height above seat 200-280mm.


Stock Chairs from RH are available for one week delivery in the following Gaja fabrics:
Gaja 60999 (black),  Gaja 66005 (navy).
Comfort 0050 (black),  Comfort 1167 (navy)
Leather 99999 (black)

RH Chairs offers a great opportunity to customise the working chair to your own requirements.
This will involve a factory order and an approximate delivery time of 3-4 weeks.  All Logic 4 chairs will require a factory order.
If you are in any doubt as to the anicipated delivery on your specific order then please contact customer services on 01727 827744.

Stock Chairs in the above colours can be returned to FineBack Furniture within 14 days provided that written notice is supplied within 7 days of delivery.  The item must be returned in its original packaging and in a saleable condition.  Once a product is assembled, the customer has agreed to accept the goods.  Goods that display signs of use or assembly cannot be returned.

Orders that are placed for a bespoke product involving a selection of fabric type, fabric colour and chair specification cannot be returned.

For full details on our returns policy, please refer to our terms and conditions.


FineBack regularly monitor and adjust our prices to ensure that we remain competitive. If you have found the same product elsewhere for a cheaper price then just let us know and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

If you have a requirement for a bulk order, then please contact us using the form below or call us immediately on 01727 827744.

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The RH Logic 4 Chair carries a 5 year guarantee from the date of delivery when used up to 9 hours per day.

For usage over 9 hours per day (24 hr environment) a 2 year warranty will apply.  For 24 hr use only, a leather or 24hr fabric must be selected to maintain warranty conditions.

RH products are manufactured to a very high standard and it is very rare that we encounter problems.  If a fault does arise with the chair then FineBack will ensure a prompt response to rectify the issue.

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