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Customer Reviews

Himolla Lune 2 Seater Reclining Sofa - "first class service given by the retailer FINEBACK FURNITURE."

Mikkokulta on July 23rd 2016

The service provided by the retailer FINEBACK FURNITURE was outstanding. Following a phone enquiry David Holloway from this shop came that very evening (a 3 hour round trip) to our home to check whether the sofa and chair could be moved up the stairs, 2 floors, in a narrow new build home. After detailed measurements he confirmed it could by removing the arms, carrying all upstairs and then fixing the arms back.Delivery was exactly as estimated by him and his delivery team were extremely careful to move all items to the final destination without any marks to walls or doors.

As regards the items concerned, they are superbly made and the leatherwork is first class. Totally comfortable and with the high back in declined position one may relax in great comfort. I definitely recommend the high back for better support, especially for taller people. Go for it and use this retailer - no question.


RH Logic 400 Ergonomic Office Chair - "Excellent, personalised service"

Kate on 1st July 2016

This wasn't the chair I expected to buy, but through David's careful questioning and observations he selected the appropriate chair to help correct my shoulder issues.  His attention to detail, personalised service and lack of pressure to buy meant he was a pleasure to deal with.  Thank you.


RH Mereo 200 - Ergonomic Office Chair - "Great posture and comfort"

Ben on 27th June 2016 

David guided me through trying a number of chairs and we finally settled on the Mereo 200 which is both comfortable and helps support a much better posture than I previously had.  Brilliant advice and expertise. Thanks!


Moll Champion Children's Desk - "Superb!"

Karolina on June 23rd 2016

The desk and the chair are absolutely great. My 8 year old loves it:). The quality is amazing as well as little gadgets here and there.The service was fantastic: on time, quick, no garbadge left. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone.


ROM Aroma Swivel Recliner Chair - "Aroma Success"

MS on 3 Mar 2016

I must say we are all very impressed with the Aroma chairs. They are comfortable to sit on and their size is perfect for snoozing when reclined. They also look good in the room. The two different sizes look very similar so to the naked eye they look the same. All in all they are a huge success and I have to thank you for finding them for us.


Moll Champion Children's Desk - "Splendid Product"

Adeel on 2 Mar 2016

Really helpful and professional service from Mr Holloway. Always a pleasure to deal with Fine back furniture


Moll Maximo Children's Chair - "Healthy Chair"

Jubey on 23 Feb 2016

I myself have tremendous posture problems i then choose the best I can for my daughter. Moll Maximo is the most efficient chair for her at the moment as it will grow with her. The features really benefit her in the long run.


Moll Maximo Children's Chair - "Great chair for our kids"

Korina on 23 Feb 2016

We bought our first one for our daughter just over two years ago and we bought our second one for our son last month. This is a great chair ergonomic chair that looks and feels sturdy. Our daughter's has had fair wear and it still looks great!


RH Logic 300 Ergonomic Office Chair - "Excellent advice and set up"

Kate S on 15 Feb 2016

I had been advised by healthcare professionals to invest in an ergonomic office environment. Fine Back Furniture listened to my health issues and provided excellent, considered advice. I found the personal set up service extremely helpful and reassuring. I have now been using my chair and desk for a month and am very pleased with the results.


ROM Aroma Swivel Recliner Chair - "A Fantastically Comfortable Chair for Taller People"

Alan C on 11 Feb 2016

I can't rate this chair highly enough! I am a 6 foot 3 tall guy and all the recliner chairs I tried before the Aroma recliner were no way near long enough in the back to be comfortable. Not only does my head rest nicely against the chair but the seat depth front to back and the height off the floor mean my 6 foot 7 inch tall brother fits in to it really well too. Worth every penny! A real piece of comfort and luxury.


Moll Winner Compact Desk - "Great product, fantastic service"

A.N. on 8 Feb 2016

I ordered the Moll compact desk and I was quite particular about the details. I was told about all the features and options in a professional and helpful manner. My order arrived early, delivery was reliable and quick. The desk looks so smart and it's very good quality, one can use it for grown- ups too. The company were very helpful and went out of the way to make sure everything was right. I just wish other companies were as good as this! Definitely worth it, great buy.


Himolla Rhine Reclining Chair - "A real improvement noticed"

Lyzzie on 27 Jan 2016

I have had my recliner chair for a month now and I have noticed an improvement in my lower back and neck. It is a considered purchase, but absolutely worth it! David at Fine Back was really helpful and patient when I tried almost every chair in the showroom and took time to find the best fit for me. He also advised me on office chairs, foot rests and bed pillows.


Himolla Mosel Recliner Chair - "Excellent chair"

JayBlueWestie on 5 Aug 2015

This is a beautifully crafted chair and is exceptionally comfortable, perfect for sitting a lot and essential back care. Fine Back consultation, service and delivery also excellent. 


Moll Winner Compact Desk - "lovely desk"

I.G. on 30 Jun 2015

placing the order was very easy and straight forward, I've been informed about my order progress all the way up to delivery and assembly was easy. The result is lovely and my kid loves the desk.

AJ Way Falkland Standard Chair 

IS on 29 Jun 2015

The A J Way chair for my mother has just arrived.  What a superb packing job!  We have rarely seen anything protected so carefully for transit.  The chair is a perfect match for our existing furniture.  Although my mother is yet to test it with her bad back, it seems to the rest of the family to be extremely comfortably and supportive.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service.  It has been a pleasure to deal with FineBack.


Varier Variable Kneeling Chair - "Best money I have spent in a long time"

Sheena H - London on 26 May 2015 

I purchased this in March 2015. I work from home and spend long days at a desk.Looking back I was concerned if I could easily adapt to it and expected have to persevere with it for a while. I could not have been more was like finding my perfect sitting position from the first moment and discovering why my back had been such a problem for so long "I was sitting all wrong and for 12 hours sometimes a day".

I adore this piece of furniture, my back actually likes it and suffers no fatigue from sitting all day long anymore which is really wonderful. Another surprising discovery was when I first assembled it, there is no way I would have given it any marks for beauty, but I have grown to love it for adding such a great  contemporary vibe to my environment! I give it 5 stars for design, comfort, value and for promoting good health and well being!


Great Birthday Present

TB on 4/29/15

We recently purchased a Moll Champion desk, Scooter chair & Pro storage unit from FineBack Furniture Ltd. This was for my granddaughter’s birthday and was a terrific success, the Quality and look were amazing and more importantly she loves it to bits. But I would like to commend David Holloway of Fineback Ltd who at very short notice supplied, delivered & assembled everything in a very tight time window, so that everything was ready for a surprise on her coming home from school. Very many thanks. Once again Thank You.


Finally a proper chair for a very bad back!

Justin on 4/22/15

Last year I popped into Davids shop to see what the options were for a man with a very bad back after sitting in a draughtsman's chair for over 3 years. After discussing my plight David sat me in this chair and fitted the whole thing around me and for that brief moment I discovered what real comfort means. It's an experience l never forgot, although I foolishly tried to carry on without purchasing the chair, whilst continuing to run up huge medical bills with various chiropractors. Finally a few months later I returned to David and placed an order for this chair, after realising it made more sense to invest money in a good chair rather than squander it away on treatments. Shortly after the order was placed David came over personally and fitted the chair for me in my home studio and now I sit there even when I'm not working! Because the chair is simply amazing. Great Chair and even greater service! Many thanks


Moll Runner Desk

Muzzy on 4/16/15

Bought this and the Maximo chair after quite a bit of online research and talking to David Holloway from Fineback, who was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The desk and chair arrived promptly and we were kept informed as to what was happening, they were easily put together and seem very sturdy and well made so hopefully will last quite a few years. We were attracted by the fact that the desk can be raised as the child grows. The service and advice we received from David and Fineback was first rate and would have no hesitation in recommending them.


In a league of its own

Deric on 1/22/15

David demoed this chair for me when I went to the shop to buy an electric desk. This chair was in a league of its own. I recommend you go and get David to fit you in this chair before deciding on which desk chair to buy. The chair was beautifully balanced and moved with you as if it was part of you. A very comfy chair.


This certainly is the perfect chair.

Katie Sheldrake on 12/13/14

Fantastic chair. I felt the benefit and relief from back and hip pain as soon as I reclined completely. It's wonderful to feel so comfortable when your legs are higher than your heart, and your back is fully supported. Great service from FineBack furniture in setting up the chair to my personal requirements and making sure the lumbar and head cushions were correctly positioned.


A.J Way Lundy Fireside chair

Bramble on 12/12/14

I purchased a A.J.Way Lundy Fireside chair from FineBack Furniture which was delivered within the five weeks quoted. The quality and "general feel" and appearance of the chair are excellent and I would definitley recommend thus product.


great piece of furniture

Sally on 10/11/14

great piece of furniture and well made. excellent customer service as armchair was delivered to my doorstep unwrapped and installed. definitely recommend this place.


Very Happy With My Purchase

E H Law on 9/27/14

I am very happy with both the quality and the versatility of my Varier Gravity chair. Delivery was quick and the personal service was exceptional. Thank you David at Fineback


Fantastic chair!

Mr S on 9/1/14

I did quite a lot of research to find a highly adjustable ergonomic chair as I spend most of my day sitting in front of the computer, I have previously owned both Ergohuman and Herman Miller Aeron and have had back problems with both in the long run. I eventually concluded RH Logic 400 was probably my best bet for an upgrade. Indeed I was right, this chair is extremely comfortable and very highly adjustable, feels very sturdy and has some great unique features such as lumber support which is adjustable via a pump (I previously used a cushion for this on my Ergohuman chair but this was far from ideal). The head rest is also much better than anything I have experienced previously. Not only is the chair comfortable but it also looks great, I went for the faux suede covering which is very stylish but also feels nice to the touch.

I'm glad I bought this chair from Fine Back Furniture as the customer service on a different level from what I would normally expect, they called me up to arrange a suitable delivery date, advised me on the various options, and then upon delivery set the chair up for me adjusting it to my body dimensions and gave me a tutorial of functionality saving me the hassle of working things out and messing about with adjustments myself. What more could I ask for!

Very, very pleased with both the chair and the service received! It's not cheap but if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer it's well worth the money! Best chair I've owned so far by a mile!


Wonderful desk, amazing customer service!

Nikki on 8/13/14

I purchased this desk because i have back problems and cannot sit for very long, it is an ideal solution, i can now work at my computer standing up most of the time! Customer services was wonderful, David even helped assemble the desk for us when he delivered it, such a helpful person!


Super chair

RN on 8/8/14

Bought one of these chairs plus the accompanying cushions to complement the Moll Champion desk. We tried a couple in the shop (the Maximo, and this one) and my son (6 1/2) preferred this model. We also thought it would last longer, as without the cushions looks like an adults office chair and grow with him and the desk until adulthood. Super service from Fineback, fully demonstrated in the show room and upon delivery and set specifically to my son's current height.


Fabulous Desk and Fabulous Service

Purchased one of these for my 6.5 year old son before he goes into Year 2 in September. Was after something that will last and grow with him rather than repeated disposable purchases as he grows. The desk is amazing, as was the service from David. We visited the shop and had a full demonstration of a few of the models and settled on the Moll Champion. It was delivered today on the date I had requested, and fully set up and adjusted to my son's height.Thank you so much Fineback :)


This chair is so kind to my back

MP on 5/6/14

This chair provides excellent support for my back, particularly in the lumbar region where I need it most. I can really feel the difference it has made.


Excellent Desk and Excellent Service

Rita Chen on 3/27/14

We have three children, 8, 6 and 3 years old. We bought two of these desks and are so impressed with the desks and the customer service from Fineback that we will be buying a third desk in the future when our 3 year old requires one. These desks are an investment becasuse they grow as your children grow. Also our 5 year old is left handed, and these desks come in right or left tilt so absolutely perfect


Very good service

Sarah on 3/26/14

Had very good experience buying from David. He spent an hour with me in the store to make sure the chair was suitable for my lower disc problems. When the chair arrived he brought it to my workplace and made sure it was set up for daily use at my desk. The chair has already made such a difference to my pain level.


Professional and specialist assistance

Jane on 3/25/14

Many thanks for your professionalism and specialist help today, David. I feel so much more comfortable already and I am confident that the chair will make a big difference to my posture and my daily desk work.


Love it!

OCJ on 2/23/14

My daughter (age almost 8) is delighted with her desk. It was more expensive than others we looked at, but will last her right through to adulthood and is worth every penny. It is very well made and adjusts easily. Bought as an 'art desk' she's already spent hours up in her room drawing, colouring, and getting creative. Perhaps at some point she'll even do some homework at the desk too! A great piece of furniture and I'll be getting the same for my other children when they are a bit older and in need of a desk. Great service from Fineback too - both over the phone when I had queries before buying, and when they delivered and put the desk together for me.