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Pledge Solar Chair

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The Solar Office Chair from Pledge is a competitively priced office chair with a full set of features such as seat depth adjustment and inflatable lumbar pump, normally seen on more expensive office chairs.  Solar Task Chair will suit a variety of users and is great value for money!

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Solar Chair RedSolar Chair - Ergonomic Benefits

The Solar Task Chair has acquired a strong reputation as a comfortable, well made and cost effective chair for operators and is seen widely as a general purpose chair.  Solar is frequently specified with the Independent seat action which allows the user to vary the tilt angle on the seat, and then separately adjust the angle of the backrest.  Most office chair users will keep the seat position broadly horizontal but sometimes users will choose to tilt the seat forward by a few degrees which promotes a forward pelvic tilt and assists with correct alignment of the spine. 

The Independent seat action allows the operator to set the chair into a very supportive position but the chair will not move with you as you work.  The synchro seat action can be adjusted for the users body weight and the seat and back will move in a set ratio to each other.  This gives the important element of movement but does not offer the fully supportive movement incorporated in the RH Chairs and HAG Seating.

Individual comfort can be set using the height adjustable backrest, enabling the height of the lumbar cushion to engage with the natural curve in the spine.  An optional inflatable lumbar pad can be chosen to alter the depth of the cushion itself.

If the optional seat depth adjustment is selected, then seat position can be modified forwards and backwards to achieve the most comfortable position, dependent on upper leg length.



Independent Seat Action

Seat Slide

Inflatable lumbar pad


The final and most popular option for the Solar chair is the height adjustable armrests.  Armrest height when correctly set will help to position and support the shoulders and relax neck muscles.

Adjustable armrest

Product Features:  Solar Office Chair
-Seat height adjustment
-Seat Slide option
-Back height adjustment
-Inflatable lumbar pad available
-Adjustable padded armrests
-Black moulded footbase

Dimensions:  Solar Task Chair
Seat height: 44-56cm
Back height: 51cm
Seat depth: 42-48cm
Weight setting:  Up to 120kg

Pledge Chairs offer a great opportunity to customise the working chair to your own requirements. This will involve a factory order and an approximate delivery time of 2-3 weeks.

If you are in any doubt as to the anicipated delivery on your specific order then please contact customer services on 01727 827744. 

Orders that are placed for a bespoke product involving a selection of fabric type, fabric colour and chair specification cannot be returned. For full details on our returns policy, please refer to our terms and conditions.

FineBack regularly monitor and adjust our prices to ensure that we remain competitive. If you have found the same product elsewhere for a cheaper price then just let us know and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

If you have a requirement for a bulk order, then please contact us using the form below or call us immediately on 01727 827744.

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This chair carries a 5 year warranty for usage up to 8 hrs a day. 

Pledge Office chairs are manufactured to a high standard and it is very rare that we encounter problems.  If a fault does arise with the chair then FineBack will ensure a prompt response to rectify the issue.

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