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The Varier Variable is the original kneeling chair or stool that remains the most popular of all the kneeling chairs.  We have one remaining Varier Variable kneeling chair available in Dinamica fabric DIN9059 - Black with a cherry stained beech frame.  This colour combination of black faux suede and cherry wood has a rich and elegant appearance and beautifully soft to the touch in use.  At a discounted price of £396.00 inc. vat, this represents a great opportunity to buy the best kneeling chair on the market.  Free delivery before Christmas!


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Product Description

Variable posture

Kneeling Chair Benefits

The Variable Balans is unlike any conventional chair and its design encourages the user to adopt a variety of different sitting positions.  It is unique in its ability to help strengthen core muscles, to encourage constant movement in the body and to even improve circulation and oxygen levels to the brain.The sitting position of the variable allows an open angle between your thigh and the upper part of your body, encouraging an upright posture and maintaining the natural curvature of the lumbar region. 

Comfort is an essential aspect to any chair subject to long periods of use, and some regular office chairs can become the cause of back pain.  The variable balans offers a welcome alternative.  In order to prevent pain and to gain the true benefits of this seated position, the angle of the knees and pelvis should remain open and movement should not be restricted.  Thanks to forward sloped seats, the Variable Balans creates the perfect angle between the thighs and torso, allowing more comfort through the fluidity of the body position.

This revolutionary approach also encourages natural movement through the constant use of back and abdominal muscles.  Tension in the back and neck is released as the core body muscles remain active at all times in the seated position, recreating the natural curvature of the spine while standing.

Not only this, but recent studies which highlight the importance of relieving pressure from the spine have proved that a more upright seated position actually improves concentration. The open position of the body allows for deeper breathing, which actively encourages the mind to perform more effectively.

The Variable Balans was launched by Stokke over 20 years ago.  The unique and innovative design has withstood the test of time, outlasting its imitators and proving its worth as a chair that promotes both physical and mental wellbeing.  It is now made by Varier, built in Norway with a 7 year warranty, and is ideal for anybody from the age of 10 years onwards.

Variable backrestVarier backrest

Distance blocks


 The Varier Variable Kneeling Chair has a rigid structure but remains lightweight and very portable in use.  In practice, many users will swop between a kneeling chair and an office chair to create variation and for the purposes of encouraging a good posture throughout the working day. We all need a subtle reminder sometimes!

The Variable kneeling chair is the most popular chair in the range and will suit a variety of users.  For young children and small adults, we suggest the additional distance blocks which reduces the distance between the seat and leg cushions.

If you expect to use the Varier Variable for extended periods, then consider the Varier Backrest which provides simple back support when tilting back and relaxing away from your work.  For a more comprehensive solution, take a look at the Varier Thatsit with Backrest which offers an adjustable lumbar support and adjustable knee cushions to vary the height depending on leg length.

Design:  Peter Opsvik

Dimensions:  Varier Variable kneeling chair
Height:  51 cm
Width: 52 cm
Depth: 72 cm
Seat Height:  50 cm

To fully understand how this kneeling chair may enhance your posture and encourage active sitting, view the following clip from Varier Furniture.

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