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Himolla Humber Mini Recliner Chair

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The Himolla Humber Mini is exactly the same style as the Himolla Humber Maxi recliner chair but in a more compact format.  Suitable for users with a height of 5ft and slightly less, the Humber Mini offers the smaller person far better comfort because the chair will fit them perfectly.

Himolla Humber Mini has a simple, neat design that blends perfectly with its surroundings.  Excellent back support with a comfortable reclining position and adjustable neckrest make this recliner a perfect choice.  Customers can also choose to have a complete sofa range to match the Mini dimensions with both fixed and reclining sofa options.  Alternatively one can opt for the Himolla Maxi sofa range to maintain styles and appearance but with larger seat dimensions.


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  • aubergine
  • bernstein
  • blue
  • cherry
  • cognac
  • dune
  • earth
  • farn
  • fels
  • inka
  • jasmin
  • lava
  • lila
  • marine
  • melba
  • nougat
  • plum
  • rabe
  • rauch
  • stone
  • alge
  • auster
  • black
  • burgund
  • camel
  • carrara
  • creme
  • gobi
  • gras
  • heu
  • kirsche
  • korn
  • lagune
  • melone
  • mint
  • mountain
  • orange
  • palme
  • perle
  • platin
  • quarz
  • lehm
  • sand
  • riviera
  • sahne
  • schiefer
  • schlamm
  • schnee
  • sekt
  • tabac
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3 Choose Himolla Wood Finish

  • 002 Beech Cherry Wood
  • 004 Beech Cherry Wood Antique
  • 006 Beech Cherry Wood Medium
  • 007 Beech Cognac
  • 011 Beech Walnut Dark
  • 016 Beech Black
  • 017 Beech Natural
  • 021 Beech Walnut Coloured Light
  • 030 Beech Cherry Wood Light
  • 035 Beech Walnut Coloured Antique
  • 037 Beech Mahogany
  • 039 Beech Country Cottage
  • 042 Beech Alder
  • 043 Beech Rustik Oak
  • 045 Beech Moor
  • 054 Beech Cherry Wood Shade
  • 057 Beech Honey
  • 058 Light Brown Oak Oiled
  • 060 Beech Maple Natural
  • 091 Beech Wenge
  • F05 Beech Shaded

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£1,037.50 exc.VAT £1,245.00 inc.VAT View Price Guarantee

To Order

Estimated Delivery: 8-10 weeks

Request a Quote For Custom Order

Himolla Humber Mini Recliner Chair

Himolla Humber Maxi Furniture

The Humber Mini recliner has proved to be one of our most popular models.  Ideal for the smaller individual and available in two seat widths, the chair size can be chosen as required.  And for larger Users, one can select the Humber Maxi recliner.

The chair itself offers an upright posture (before reclining) with good lumbar support.  Neck and shoulder issues can be reduced by adjusting the neckrest to give a very comfortable rest for neck muscles.  The Humber Mini manual recliner is easy to operate by simply pushing back with the shoulders. One can individually adjust the back rest angle when the chair is in the upright position or when it is reclined and the rake of the back has a smooth gas operated mechanism.

The two motor electric recliner allows for more precise setting of footrest and backrest angle to give total control. The Mini Recliner can also be fitted with a rechargeable battery system that will allow wire-free operation for approximately 50 cycles.

All Himolla luxury furniture offera a choice of 100's of leathers across different leather grades and an unrivalled selection of 21 wood stain finishes.  This allows total freedom to specify exactly the style and finish of the chair that you require.  

Our experience in selling Himolla online gives a focus to chose between the two most popular leather grades, Leather 24 and Leather 31.  Both leather grades are of excellent quality, being through dyed and soft to touch.  Leather 24 is a corrected grain leather with irregular embossing and Leather 31 is a premium, semi aniline leather, thicker and softer in texture.

The Himolla Humber Maxi recliner and sofas have small, square wooden feet at the base of the arms and one needs to select the wood colour when placing an order.

Himolla Humber Mini Recliner Chair Leather Care

In choosing leather you have opted for a unique cover for your furniture. Each piece has its own characteristics and variations. Small scars or rough patches, different degrees of graining or wrinkling are to be expected in this natural product. This is not a defect but is a natural phenomenon occurring in all grades of leather.

As leather ages it can acquire a mellowing of the colour and a more relaxed fit. This too is a natural development and adds to the character of the furniture.

Dimensions: Himolla Humber Mini   
Dimensions: Himolla Humber Mini Narrow

Chair width: 79 cm
Chair width: 74 cm

Chair height: 104 cm
Chair height: 104 cm
Chair depth: 86 cm
Chair depth: 86 cm
Seat Height:  42 cms
Seat Height: 42 cm
Seat Depth: 45 cms
Seat Depth:  45 cm






Please note that FineBack Furniture believe in offering the highest standards of service to our customers who purchase Himolla Furniture.  Consequently we welcome customers who visit the Showroom at St. Albans in Hertfordshire and experience the seating comfort first hand.  Also deliveries of Himolla Furniture are limited to London and the South East where we can respond promptly to any service requirements.

Himolla furniture offer one of the widest choices of leather quality, leather colour and wood stain finish.  Consequently these luxury items are only made to order at the factory based in Germany.  Under normal circumstances, this will require a lead time of approximately 8-10 weeks with delivery into the UK.

If you are in any doubt as to the anticipated delivery on your specific order then please contact customer services on 01727 827744.
Orders that are placed for a bespoke product involving a selection of leather type, leather colour and chair specification cannot be returned.

FineBack regularly monitor and adjust our prices to ensure that we remain competitive. If you have found the same product elsewhere for a cheaper price then just let us know and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

If you have a requirement for a bulk order, then please contact us using the form below or call us immediately on 01727 827744.

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The Himolla Guarantee

Himolla's extensive functional, material and production testing enables them to grant a five year guarantee on all pieces of upholstered furniture. The guarantee covers the frame, stationary bearing components, sub-padding, springing, armrests and the material. It also exceeds the statutory requirement for guarantees.

Functional aspects like mechanisms and electric components are guaranteed for two years from the date of delivery. Exchanging these parts does not extend the duration of the guarantee. Storage batteries are subject to wear and are not included in the warranty.

Longlife leather is granted a five year guarantee, the conditions of which are attached separately with the furniture. It is important to remember that all guarantee conditions are strictly subject to correct observation of the product care instructions.

Only the first buyer of the furniture is entitled to the Himolla guarantee, which is non-transferable. The five year guarantee also does not apply to products if used for commercial purposes.

Cleaning and Care of your leather

After taking delivery of your new Himolla furniture it  is advisable to treat it with Leather Protector before using it for the first time. This will nourish the leather, and can help prevent drying and cracking.

Naturally occurring body oils and sweat will penetrate the leather over time and so regular use of the Leather Cleaner , followed by the Leather Protector will keep the leather  clean and supple.

Remove any dust build up weekly and carry out a full cleaning process every 6 months, or more frequently if the furniture is in heavy use.

The full instructions can be found on the Care Kit.

Cleaning and Care of wood

Wood is a natural product and the grain and colour will vary. Each wood absorbs differently during the staining process, especially when oak stains are chosen for beech woods. This means that subsequent orders placed to match existing items of furniture may deviate from original samples in stain shade.

Wood will absorb moisture from the atmosphere so ensure it is not exposed to moisture or exposed to direct sunlight.

Dust regularly with a hand damp woollen cloth or a moist window leather.

Do not use detergents or solvents.

Protect surfaces from hot objects such as cups.

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