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Ergonomic Office Chairs Wembley

Ergonomic Office Chairs Wembley - FineBack have a wide range of ergonomic office chairs available in many colours, finishes & fabrics, that have been supplied to customers in Wembley.

Our showroom in St. Albans is about a 40 minute drive from Wembley, in London Colney, St Albans, Hertfordshire.

There is free parking available, both on and off street at our showroom location.

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Ergonomic Office Chair Selection

Trying before you buy is sensible and easy, to ensure that your new office chair is comfortable and provides the correct back support.

Wembley Clients Ergonomic Office Chair Testimonials

"Best investment for a healthy back"

by Phil on 29th of January

"I purchased a RH Logic 400 High Back office chair from Fineback Furniture about six weeks ago. I will be retiring soon and I needed an ergonomic chair for desk work at home. I don't have any major back problems, just normal wear and tear, but I had recently been reading about the importance of good posture and the negative effects of prolonged sitting in a static position. I went to Fineback Furniture because I wanted to try out and get expert advice on chairs that let you open up the angle between your lower body and thighs - the 'kneeling chair' concept. I also wanted a chair that gives good lumbar support without tempting me to sit in one position for any length of time. Fineback assessed my needs perfectly and I was able to try out a range of chairs. I chose the Logic 400 because it seemed to have everything I was looking for ergonomically. The chair is also incredibly well built with a very wide range of adjustments.

Fineback's service included delivering the chair to my home and setting it up for use at my desk. This is really important because you have the confidence of knowing that the initial settings are correct for you and then you can easily fine-tune the settings later if necessary. Having spent six weeks with the chair, I think it is the best investment I could have made for minimising the effects of sitting down and maintaining good back health. I love how the 'active seating' mechanism allows me to tilt smoothly forwards and backwards with the chair always following my movements to maintain excellent support. The cushioning has just the right amount of firmness to hold you comfortably while encouraging you to change your position. The chair can be locked in any position but I don't forsee me ever wanting to do that. The adjustable arms were not something I originally considered important but now I am glad that the chair has them.

Many thanks to Fineback for providing excellent service, advice and value for money."

Our address and directions from Wembley to our showroom are detailed below;

FineBack Furniture
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London Colney
St Albans

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