A Great Value Kids Desk

A Great Value Kids Desk with Excellent Design and Functionality

The Joker Kids Desk from Moll is described as their “Trump Card”.

This Kids desk is the entry level or starter model from Children’s furniture manufacturer Moll, however The Joker does not compromise on anything, and is available at a very competitive entry price, without any lack of design detail, quality function and excellent workmanship.

Childrens-ChairsThe Joker desk is deliberately minimal in it’s design, but skimps on nothing. The height adjustment, tilt-adjustable work surface and the choice of coloured applications make it a creative, comfortable and ergonomic pleasure to work at.

As our Children grow up their tastes change as well as their spacial needs, with that the size and design of the desks they need to study at also alters.

The Joker Desk Kids Desk from Moll is an example of ergonomic children’s furniture, that is built on a system that offers a solid basis now and for the future, “growing with your Child”.

Kids Desk The JokerPart of the ethos behind Kid’s desk built by Moll is the unique way in which the range of furniture can adapt to your Child’s size as they grow, by including height adjustment, with width and depth adjustments using additional components.

Choosing a Moll Kids Desk means from primary school to secondary education, the desk systems easily adapt to expanding needs, work habits and space requirements.

Moll Joker Kids Desk available from FineBack

The Moll Joker Desk is available in a choice of colours, so as Kids change their idea of what is cool or not cool you can apply a variety of coloured elements to the desk configuration. You can choose the colour of the Joker desk’s surface in Maple, White or Oak.

Kid's Desk Colour Choices

Kids Desk Pro Storage UnitAll Kids Desks from Moll are available with a great range of extensions and accessories to further enhance your Child’s study experience. Giant draws can be added to increase desk storage and there are also larger storage options like the Pro Storage Unit and the Profi Storage Unit Kids Desk Storage Profi Unit









Moll children’s ergonomic height adjustable desks have a host of useful features that are included to ensure flexibility and practicality for users

  • Classic Height Adjustment (manual)
  • Tilt Desktop Adjustment
  • Anti Slip Feature
  • Pencil Drawer Compartment
  • Distinctive Colour Choices

Kids Desks that Greatly Benefit PostureAll ergonomic furniture, including our range of desks for Kids, are designed to adapt to the natural science of the human body, supporting and maintaining the body in its natural position.

Ergonomic children’s desks greatly benefit your children while they do their homework, by providing a healthier and more productive environment for them to learn in.  While children grow and develop physically, ergonomic seating and ergonomic kids desks are particularly essential.