Ergonomic Office Chairs – How to set up correctly

We are frequently asked to give tips on the best way to sit and maintain a healthy posture, so here are the key aspects, assuming the use of ergonomic office chairs.

1. Adjust seat height to ensure feet are firmly placed on the floor with a transfer of weight. The hip joint should be marginally higher than the knee joint, giving a slight angle downwards towards the knee.

2. Sit with your bottom to the rearmost of the seat to prevent  the pelvis tilting backwards.  Adjust seat slide if fitted to give a 2-3 finger gap between the back of the knee and the leading edge of the seat.

3. Adjust backrest rake or angle with seat to give a comfortable but upright working posture.

4. Adjust backrest height to ensure lumbar cushion of chair back support engages with your lumbar curve.

How to set up office chairs correctly

RH Logic 400 profile

5. If an inflatable lumbar is fitted then inflate cushion to fill and support the lumbar area. The diagram opposite displays an RH Logic 400 ergonomic office chair correctly set up with an upright working posture.

6.Armrest width should now be altered so that the arm is supported over the centre of the armrest.

7. Adjust armrest height to support and balance the weight of the shoulders and upper body, i.e. do not hunch shoulders or allow shoulders to drop.

8. If neckrest is fitted then adjust neckrest height and depth to provide comfortable support when relaxing back.

9. Finally, if you are fortunate to own one of the ergonomic office chairs that employ movement or dynamic sitting, then adjust tension to balance your bodyweight.  When adjusted correctly, the chair motion will follow you as you work, moving forwards and backwards without undue effort or strain on the muscles.

Not all ergonomic office chairs will offer every adjustment mentioned above  and if an instruction manual is available for your chair then one should follow the manufacturers guidelines.

Ergonomic office chairs at the workstation

These tips will help you sit correctly in your office chair although you may now need to make further adjustments to set up and align with your workstation.  This aspect will dealt with in a later blog.

If you have a persistent back problem or back pain then do give us a call or send us a mail and we will respond with helpful guidance on chair selection and operation.  At FineBack Furniture we both supply and set up ergonomic office chairs in London, Herts, Beds and Bucks and throughout the UK.