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Children’s Desks Christmas Promotion

Height Adjustable Children’s Desks – A Great Xmas Present Idea

Children's Desks and Chairs from Moll

Many of us do not consider the health implications of the furniture we regularly use. David Holloway of FineBack Furniture in London Colney gives advice on how to avoid musculo-skeletal problems

It goes without saying that parents make sure their children get the right shoe size as they grow. Similarly, the furniture a child uses to do homework, read, draw and generally be creative, should be ergonomic, appropriate and comfortable, hence choosing the right Children’s desks is a decision worth careful thought.

Height adjustable desks for children are recognised as an essential Children’s furniture component in encouraging good posture and protecting the back from an early age. As the child grows, a simple mechanism raises the desktop height to a more comfortable level. A tilting desktop provides an inclined slope for reading, drawing and painting and discourages the child from leaning forward over their work and losing back support.Height Adjustable Childen's Desk by Moll

Very few adults have been educated on how to sit correctly and consequently bad working practices become habitual and result in musculo-skeletal issues in later life. To achieve a healthy sitting position, a children’s chair should be adjusted in seat height, seat depth and back height to conform to the child’s dimensions. When the ideal working layout is created, learning becomes fun and children become more alert and find it easier to concentrate with less distraction through an uncomfortable sitting position.

For the office based adult, sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day will result in a static and unhealthy posture. Choosing en ergonomic office chair that allows movement is ideal, so that back support adjusts to your working position even when leaning forward over the desk. Armrest height should be adjusted to keep your shoulders in a comfortable, balanced position to reduce tension arising in the upper body. Correct chair adjustment and alignment at the workstation are equally important in the avoidance of back pain at work.

FineBack Furniture can assist with chair selection, even providing a loan chair for a short period to ensure that the user will be comfortable for the long term.

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