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Himolla Rhine Furniture Range Luxury Reclining Sofas & Chairs

Himolla Luxury Recliners arrive at FineBack

Ergonomic design and posture support with Himolla Luxury Recliners and Reclining Sofas

FineBack is pleased to welcome the Himolla range of Zerostress Recliners and Cumuly Sofa Recliners to our showroom.  Attractive, Stylish and Comfortable would sum up the appeal of Himolla seating which is designed to support the back,  neck and the entire body.

Some modern sofas typically display a sleek, low back design and a long seat depth, neither of which encourage a correct seating posture.  Himolla’s design features incorporate a high, contoured backrest that offers back support through a variety of reclining positions.

Himolla luxury recliners can be specified as fixed, i.e. non reclining,  manual recliners with raising footrest and separate backrest angle adjustment, or electric powered recliners for complete ease of use.  Smooth mechanisms and precise setting of reclining position will help the user to reach a supreme level of comfort and relaxation.  One can choose 2 or 3 seater sofas and even a 2 1/2 seater sofa offering a more generous width of seat.  For those who are seeking a comfortable TV watching sofa, Himolla have created a curved sofa with the reclining function on all three seats.  There are also a vast array of Home Cinema options to help create the ultimate viewing and sitting experience.  Trapezoid tables can be inserted between the seats with foldable or swivel tops and storage beneath if required.  Any combination of single recliners and 2 seater recliners can be arranged together for a true theatre feel with friends and family.

himolla tanat ergonomic recliner

Himolla Tanat Swivel Recliner & Footstool

The Himolla Zerostress swivel recliners achieve a more individual fit with four sizes for each model in the range.  Varying back heights, seat height and widths can be selected for the most comfortable sitting position.  You can even choose between two grades of seat support;  Soft or Medium.  The flowing, elegant curves of the proven Zerostress frame give all of the relax chairs a timeless appeal with a high degree of stability.  The Beech wood frame can be stained from a selection of 30 different stain colours for the perfect match and the comprehensive leather range offers a choice of over 100 leather types and colours.

Himolla furniture is manufactured in Germany, using top grade materials and an expertise developed over 60 years.  The wide model choice and colour & fabric options ensure that all recliners and sofas are individually crafted for your own comfort and style.

Elegant design with himolla luxury recliners

Himolla Lune contemporary design

You can celebrate the launch of Himolla Luxury Recliners at FineBack Furniture with the Himolla Summer Sale taking place through the months of July and August.  There has never been a better opportunity to explore the comfortable and supportive swivel recliners and sofas, so take a trip to FineBack serving St. Albans, Watford, Hertfordshire and London.