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Sit - Stand Height Adjustable Desks

Electric Sit Stand Desks

Information About Electric Sit – Stand Height Adjustable Desks

Sit Stand Desks are the subject of this FineBack Furniture Focus – Are they simply a modern fad, or are there some real benefits?

Even if you use a good quality office chair the truth is that most of us find it difficult to sit correctly all the time, either we don’t have our chairs set up to maintain our posture correctly or we just are too used to slouching in to the most comfortable position – This is where a height adjustable desk can really prove useful.

Can Sit Stand Desks Improve Our Health?

Electric height adjustable desks AKA Sit – Stand desks encourage users to work both when sitting and standing. Sitting in your office chair for prolonged periods of time, even if you have an ergonomic office chair, has the effect of limiting the freedom of movement and the general activity of the individual. Our bodies do not operate efficiently when movement is restricted and thus many of us know that people with back pain are reminded to frequently vary their sitting position and keep as active as possible.

Sedentary office jobs, mainly due to the long number of hours spent sitting, mean that obesity is a growing concern. Standing at you desk for some of the working day will mean you use more calories that just sitting in your chair, also there is a variance in our bodies overall position and posture when standing or sitting, this variety of movement helps reduce the risk of RSI as well as lowers the chance of developing back and neck problems.

There are also reports of people who stand at their desks saying they feel that it has positively altered the way they work and approach their jobs overall. It is quite possible that standing at your workstation to carry out your job some how physiologically alters the way you make decisions and focuses the mind on the job in hand, more so than when you are sitting down.

Electric height adjustable desks are commonly referred to as Sit - Stand desks

All these and many more reasons are contributing to the increasing number of people who are parking up their comfy chairs (for at least some of the day) and buying height adjustable sit – stand desks to work at. Many early converts talk of overall improvements in their concentration levels, the amount of energy they have, as well as the reduction they have with back and neck pains and niggles.

There are quite a few names given to essentially the same product, Standing Workstations, Sit – Stand Desks, Height Adjustable Desks etc but how ever you refer to them your body and mind will feel the benefits of working in this way in no time at all.

If you are considering investing in an electric height adjustable sit stand desk then please contact FineBack Furniture to discuss the options that are available. We offer a comprehensive range for you to consider and you can try before you buy at our St. Albans based showroom, as well as using us as your first port of call for independent advice and information.

If you are considering new Children’s furniture, FineBack also offer a great range of Children’s Desks and Children’s Chairs that provide good back support and encourage a healthy posture, when studying or doing homework.

Kneeling Chair Sitting Position

How to sit correctly in a Kneeling Chair

FineBack tips on how to sit correctly in a Kneeling Chair

Kneeling chairs promote a users correct, upright posture, with the spines natural curve maintained and correctly aligned. Sales of kneeling chairs are growing globally and as such we feel it is a good idea to share with you our know how on how to sit correctly in a kneeling chair.

Sitting correctly in a kneeling chair can actively improve your posture, it keeps your joints and muscles stimulated and promotes correct movement while you are sitting down, something we are all doing more and more.

Working while sitting correctly in a Kneeling Chair

Over recent years the range and type of kneeling chairs available to buy has expanded to include lots of variations where you can choose to have swivel adjustment, height adjustment and operate with or without optional back rests.

Sitting in a Kneeling Chair Effectively

To use a kneeling chair effectively you need to rest your shins on the lower knee pads or cushions, but with most of your weight passing through the seat.

For those that sit at desks most of the time there are kneeling chairs with castors to allow you to move the position of the chair easily.

Height adjustment of the kneeling chair is required to suit the height of you desk, you should have a straight back and be high enough to allow the underneath of your forearms to rest lightly on your desk.

One example of a kneeling chair with multiple varieties of seat height settings is the Multi Kneeling Chair from Varier, a very durable kneeling chair that is suitable for adults and children alike.

The Multi Kneeling Chair from Varier

When you correctly sit in a kneeling chair you then have achieved “active sitting”. Core muscles are engaged and you will find posture can improve overnight. You will find that your joints are less stiff, and overall you will have better focus and higher concentration levels.

Kneeling Chair and Desk

Kneeling chairs make you balance your spine properly, over the pelvis, the best kneeling chairs have a rocking function / motion which is exceptional at keeping your posture correct, even when feeling tired.

A full spectrum of different sort of kneeling chairs are available from FineBack Furniture, all which offer great health and posture benefits – Check out the FineBack Kneeling Chair range here.