Himolla Furniture Spring Sale

Enjoy a brighter Spring with the Luxury Himolla furniture Sale

Himolla Albatross in the Himolla Furniture Spring Sale

The Popular Himolla Spring Sale is Back at FineBack!

The popular Spring Sale for Himolla Furniture has now commenced with attractive discounts across the entire range of luxury recliners and relaxing, reclining sofas. Manufactured in Germany, Himolla produce high quality furniture with robust frames and mechanisms that will ensure durability and comfort over many years.

FineBack Furniture have extended their showroom display of Himolla recliner chairs and sofas every year since its inception. Customers are genuinely enthusiastic about the comfort and range of options available and this has resulted in FineBack having one of the largest showrooms for Himolla in and around the London area.

This season has seen the introduction of two new Himolla models into the FineBack showroom, the Himolla Spey and the Himolla Albatross. The Himolla Spey swivel recliner comes as standard in a 3 motor format, offering independent adjustment of legrest, backrest and neckrest positioning. As the legs are raised, the seat tilts to preserve the backangle providing the most supportive sit.

Himolla Spey electric recliner

The Himolla Spey model can also be specified with a ‘heart balance feature’, allowing the legs to be raised to a much higher elevation, improving circulation to the lower limbs. The handset incorporates additional buttons to activate the heart balance function and when operated will achieve a most relaxing position. Whilst not quite a zero gravity recliner, the reclined position will reduce downward pressure on the spine and encourage decompression of the intervertebral discs. There is also a lift chair version of the Spey recliner but do note that this cannot be combined with the Heart Balance feature. To achieve a perfect fit, there are three sizes of chair available with the extensive choice of leather grades, fabric and footbase options.

The other new addition to the Showroom is the Himolla Albatross model that comes as a recliner, fixed chair and a choice of reclining sofas (see main photo at the top). All of these variants including the sofa come with an extended recline position allowing the user to achieve high legrest elevation. As always, the test for any item of furniture is to try it for yourself and FineBack Furniture has the expertise to guide you through model selection to achieve the best solution for your comfort and backcare needs.

Visiting FineBack Furniture could not be easier. We are located just one mile from Jct 22 of the M25, close to the junction with the M1. So motorway access from all directions is good and we have ample free parking to the rear of the showroom. We look forward to your visit and can ensure a good selection of comfortable and relaxing furniture for you to experience.

Himolla luxury reclining sofas and chairs
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Himolla Furniture Autumn Sale

Himolla Furniture Autumn Sale 2016 Now On

Visit the FineBack Showroom this Autumn to Experience the Relaxing Comfort and Luxury Himolla Furniture Offers.

Himolla Furniture Autumn Sale - View The Full Himolla Range at FineBack

In an age when the click of a mouse allows us to purchase online, it is reassuring to know that for the larger purchases such as furniture, you can still visit a showroom and try the products first hand!  Give yourself time to ensure that the comfort, quality and design of your furniture meets your needs and complements your room interior. Where comfort and back support is concerned, there is no substitute to experiencing the comfort and relaxation offered by the modern recliner.

Himolla Chester Swivel ReclinerAt FineBack Furniture,  there is a wide range of both contemporary and traditional furniture on display so it is easy to compare and value the individual merits of the different chair models and sofas.  Many of FineBack’s customers will research their products online first, the Himolla Furniture range for example, and then follow up with a visit to the showroom.  Feeling the quality of the leather and checking the colour shade are important decisions to confirm you have made the correct choice.  With a palette of over 100 leathers, colour matching becomes much easier.

FineBack have extended their range of Himolla furniture and are now recognised as holding the largest display of Himolla product in the Hertfordshire and London area.  From swivel recliners to electric recliners, straight and curved sofas, either fixed or reclining, manual or electric – the options are numerous.  Backed by an excellent product knowledge and customer service, you will receive sound advice to assist with your furniture purchase.

And as the Autumn approaches, FineBack are holding a Himolla Sale across the range, providing a great opportunity to invest in quality, German manufactured furniture with even better savings.  So whether you decide to browse online at www.fineback.co.uk or experience the Himolla comfort through the showroom,  you can be assured of beautiful, comfortable furniture backed by a personal and dedicated retailer.

To ensure you have the right Himolla expert knowledge on hand when you visit the showroom, why not call us to arrange a mutually convenient time to try Himolla first hand? Telephone: 01727 827744

FineBack Furniture
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Himolla Brock Recliner and Brent Sofa

Himolla Brock Recliner and Brent Sofa – Broaden your horizons

With the addition of the new Brock recliner and Brent sofa, the Himolla luxury furniture range is now complete at FineBack Furniture. Renowned for it’s supremely comfortable and back supportive furniture, FineBack have introduced these new models to bring a fresh, contemporary style to the Himolla product portfolio.

Himolla Brock Recliner Chair Light BlueSuch has been the popularity of Himolla recliners and reclining sofas at FineBack, that the showroom has grown to be the largest Himolla stockist within the London area. The display now features the following styles that can all be experienced first hand, to achieve the perfect comfort and fit.

  • Rhine armchair, sofa & Mosel swivel recliner
  • Chester curved reclining sofa & swivel recliner
  • Lune reclining armchair & 2 seat reclining sofa
  • Brent reclining sofa with Brock swivel recliner
  • The Tobi luxury electric swivel recliner
  • Zerostress Tanat swivel recliners
  • Humbar Mini electric recliner for the smaller user

Innovative design has been combined with sound German engineering and quality to deliver a core Himolla Brock Recliner Chairrange with flexibility on sizes and types of reclining mechanism. This latter aspect is fundamental to achieving good postural support when relaxing over a longer period.

The variations are endless so it is important to seek expert guidance in choosing your new furniture. FineBack have a detailed approach to understanding your needs and proposing options that will enhance your overall sitting experience.

For many years, lift and recline chairs have maintained a very traditional approach to design and this has dissuaded some purchasers who might benefit from this functionality. The recently introduced Himolla Brock swivel recliner can be specified for manual operation, electric or indeed as a two motor, lift and recline model. At last, good design does not have to be sacrificed for the less able.

Himolla Brock Rise, Lift and Recline Chair

The optional lift, rise and recline action of the Himolla Brock Recliner

If you are seeking to widen your opportunities for furniture purchase and gain valuable insight, then you will be rewarded by the Himolla experience and their extended display at FineBack Furniture.

You can see two videos demonstrating the Brent and Brock Ranges from Himolla below, for even more videos you can subscribe to the FineBack Furniture YouTube Channel.

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Comfort in Seating

Comfort in Seating

Comfort in Seating – and the Long and the Short of it!

Comfort in Seating - Himolla Lune

Himolla Lune Furniture Range












We are all individuals and don’t necessarily comply with the dimensions for Mr and Mrs Average.  So why put up with furniture that was made for somebody else?

David Holloway from FineBack Furniture seeks out modern, contemporary designs that offer a variety of sizes and in some cases a bespoke fit.  Visits to the International furniture shows have allowed FineBack to draw in exciting new concepts in seating from across the world.

Himolla furniture was introduced to their portfolio eighteen months ago and this period has experienced a rapid growth in quality ergonomic seating for the home.  Manufactured in Germany to exacting standards,  Himolla build all their furniture to order with a choice of over 100 leathers and 20 wood finishes.

With a diverse range of models, from the ever popular and supportive Rhine to the more modern Lune,  Himolla offers a complete family of seating that includes, swivel recliners, armchairs, 2 & 3 seater reclining sofas both manual and electric.

Himolla's Humber Armchair

Himolla’s Humber Reclining Armchair














If you have ever found that when seated your feet don’t touch the ground or you can’t get effective back support without cushions, then investigate the Himolla Humber Mini recliner armchair.  Achieving a low seat height of 16.5 inches  and a short seat depth of 18.0 inches, there really is no need to compromise your seating comfort.

Similarly, taller people can frequently discover that chair back height is too low for resting the head and relaxing.  Furthermore a seat height which is too low is manifested by knees being higher than the hips.  and this can lead to problems with back pain.  FineBack have now introduced luxury Swivel Recliners from ROM which can be varied in seat height, seat depth, seat width and most importantly back height.

ROM Aroma Swivel Recliner Chair

ROM Aroma Swivel Recliner Chair

Again these chairs are only manufactured to order and if you believe that you could benefit from a professional seating assessment then visit FineBack Furniture in London Colney.  The modern showroom displays a wide range of seating that you can experience for yourself and then when you are ready, make an informed choice.

Contact FineBack Furniture

7-9 Haseldine Road, London Colney, St. Albans, Hertfordshire   AL2 1RR
01727 827744  –  www.fineback.co.ukinfo@fineback.co.uk

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Himolla Furniture Winter Sale

Himolla Furniture Sale

Start Your Winter Chilled, with the Himolla Furniture Winter Sale

Himolla Furniture is well known for it’s excellent comfort, design & build quality and the Himolla Furniture sale, now on at FineBack Furniture, creates a super opportunity to acquire beautiful luxury seating for your home.

Himolla chairs and sofas are made from the best long life leather, which has a very luxurious, supple and soft feel. Himolla recliner chairs and sofas meet the ever increasing demands for high quality, design-led furniture which is not only great to sit on or look at but is also both functional and practical.

Himolla are a 2015 Interiors Monthly Award Winners

Himolla Furniture is a 2015 Interiors Monthly Award Winner, for “Best Recliner Manufacturer”

Take a look at the great range of Himolla Sofas which are made as both recliners and fixed formats.Himolla Sofas in the Himolla Sale Choose your preferred design, whether it be the ever popular Rhine model or the more contemporary Lune and then decide on a 2 or 3 seater and even the curved sofa for the more inclusive feel.

Himolla Recliner Chairs are widely recognised for providing the most comfortable and supportive reclining chairs with a build quality designed to ensure durability over the years.  To ensure that you receive the best guidance and advice with your purchase, always try the product for yourself – after all its not an everyday purchase.

Himolla Furniture Winter Sale at FineBackConsiderable savings are available to in store visitors. Why not visit our showroom in London Colney, near St. Albans, Hertfordshire, within easy reach of North and Central London.

FineBack Furniture
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Sit Stand Desks – Elevate Your Standing

Sit Stand Desks – Elevate Your Standing

David Holloway of FineBack Furniture writes on the popularity of Sit Stand desks

A Sit Stand Desk or Height Adjustable desks  are becoming more widespread as consumers and employers recognise theSit Stands Desks can be Tried at FineBack's Showroom health benefits and become fully aware of the dangers associated with a sedentary lifestyle.  It is generally accepted that exercise is beneficial to our well being but few would appreciate that prolonged sitting can have an adverse effect on our health.

Recent studies have shown that sitting for long periods of the day will increase fatty deposits in the arteries leading eventually to cardiovascular disease.  It was also noted that subsequent moderate exercise or activity had little effect in reducing this risk.  Furthermore, sitting in a conventional office chair will increase the vertical loading on the spinal discs by up to 50% compared to a standing posture.  And this can lead to back and neck pain, tension and discomfort.

A height adjustable desk is commonly referred to as a sit stand desk, which describes its function Sit Stand Desk in the Standing Height Posistionperfectly.  The desk can operate at normal height with your regular office chair but the user can then raise the desk to a comfortable standing height.  This key principle of movement and variation in posture is an essential component of Backcare, improving circulation and reducing muscle fatigue.  As human beings, we are not designed to sit still or adopt a static posture.

Alternating between sitting and standing throughout the day is the ideal.  Standing has been shown to burn up to 50 calories per hour more than a seated position and will aid blood flow.  You should take advantage of regular breaks to move around , increase circulation and maintain muscle activity. New users of height adjustable desks have recognised a number of benefits:

  • Activity maintains muscle strength and condition
  • Improved circulation helps energy levels and better concentration
  • Can assist in reducing back pain caused by static and poor posture
  • Achieve the ideal desk height whatever your height may be
  • Improvement in productivity and communication

Children's Height Adjustable DesksHeight adjustable desks for children are superb for maintaining a healthy posture from an early age.  As a child grows, the desk height can be gradually raised to the ideal position.  Moll children’s desks from Germany incorporate many ergonomic benefits including a tilting desktop for the ideal writing, painting or studying environment.  A wide choice of desk style and finish can be found at FineBack Furniture with many units held in stock for delivery before Christmas.

Try a sit stand desk at FineBack Furniture’s showroom is situated near St Albans, in London Colney. We regularly serve customers in North London, Essex, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

Personalise Your Sitting Position

Personalise Your Sitting Position with the RH Mereo Office Chair

Personalise Your Sitting Position!

The RH Mereo 220 ergonomic office chair is a great quality, beautifully designed office chair with a high back that narrows at the shoulder, a curved lower seat back at pelvis height and a really  comprehensive range of features to help users easily personalise their sitting position.

Personalise Your Sitting Position with the RH Mereo Office ChairThe RH Mereo 220 is a well regarded ergonomic office chair, frequently specified for those who experience, back pain, backache and back muscle strain at work. The RH Mereo chair brings ergonomics back into your office, founded on the two principles ( 2PP ) of upright posture and active sitting.

The Mereo is designed to position the user with the correct sitting posture, this office chair not only maintains your posture but also gives excellent back support, whilst allowing the freedom of movement necessary when longer and longer periods of our time are spent sitting and working. This ‘Two-Point Principle’ or 2PP encourages deeper breathing and circulation, stimulating muscles to keep active without undue strain.Personalise Your Sitting Position with the RH Mereo Office Chair

Choosing a RH Mereo chair from FineBack begins with selecting the base model of either the RH Mereo 220 Office Chair (high back and optional headrest) or the RH Mereo 200 Office Chair (with a lower height backrest). When you have selected the 220 or 200 you can then configure your choice and personalise your chair with these elements; Choose Fabric Type, Fabric Colour, Frame Colour, Adjustable Neckrest, Armrests, Footbase and Castors.


RH Office Chairs – Try Before You Buy at FineBack’s St Albans Showroom

We display and can demonstrate many RH office chairs at our showroom. We always recommend that customers try out their office furniture to ensure that it meets their personal needs and supports them correctly.

Personalise Your Sitting Position with the RH Mereo Office ChairPersonalise Your Sitting Position with the RH Mereo Office Chair






The FineBack Furniture showroom in London Colney village was chosen for its accessibility to the motorway routes of M1 and A1M with junction 22 of the M25, only one mile distant.  Our proximity to North London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire makes travel times short and a visit to FineBack a positive advantage over venues in the West End. Parking is free at FineBack with a large car park to the rear of the showroom.

FineBack Furniture
7-9 Haseldine Road
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Himolla Sale - Recliner Chairs and Reclining Sofas at FineBack

Himolla Sale

UPDATE * * The 2016 Himolla Autumn Sale is Now On * *
Find out more at http://www.fineback.co.uk/blog/himolla-furniture-autumn-sale/


Himolla Sale Autumn 2015

Autumn is upon us and that means darker afternoons and nights are approaching fast. Buying a Himolla recliner chair or reclining sofa however can make those darker nights comfortable, deeply cushioned evenings.

The Himolla Autumn Sale is in full flow at FineBack, the last day of this Sale is Friday 25th October 2015, so Ensure you grab yourself a luxury furniture bargain before then.

Our most attractive pricing is available in-store for visitors to our St. Albans showroom. Visiting our showroom is very easy for customers travelling a short distance from London or within Hertfordshire.

Himolla Tanat Swivel Recliner Chair

Himolla Tanat Swivel Recliner Chair

Himolla Tobi Swivel Recliner Chair

Himolla Tobi Swivel Recliner Chair








FineBack have one of the largest selections of Himolla Furniture for you to try at our showroom, recliner chairs and reclining sofas from the following Himolla furniture ranges;

Himolla Rhine Furniture Range Luxury Reclining Sofas & Chairs

Himolla Rhine Luxury Reclining Sofas & Chairs

Himolla Mosel Recliner Chair

Himolla Mosel Luxury Leather Reclining Chair





Himolla Recliner Chairs & Reclining Sofas

Himolla is a premium German furniture brand producing unique pieces of luxury furniture, born from ergonomic ideals. The Himolla focus is on your total and pure relaxation, you cannot help but feel at home sitting in one of their exclusive sofas or chairs. Each piece of furniture is a symphony of design and function with its own special fell and character.

Himolla Chester Chairs and Sofas - Try Before You Buy at FineBackHimolla Lune Furniture Range at FineBack

Take at look in detail at some of the most popular Himolla sofas and chairs; Himolla Rhine 3 Seater Reclining SofaHimolla Mosel ReclinerHimolla Lune 2 Seater Recliner SofaHimolla Tanat Swivel ReclinerHimolla Chester Swivel ReclinerHimolla Tobi Reclining Chair.

Try Himolla at FineBack Furniture’s St Albans Showroom

At the FineBack Furniture Showroom in London Colney, St. Albans,  we display and can demonstrate many Himolla furniture products. We always recommend that customers try out their furniture to ensure that it meets their needs and fits them correctly.

The showroom is in London Colney village was chosen for its accessibility to the motorway routes of M1 and A1M with junction 22 of the M25, only one mile distant.  Our proximity to North London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire makes travel times short and a visit to FineBack a positive advantage over venues in the West End. Parking is free at FineBack with a large car park to the rear of the showroom.

FineBack Furniture
7-9 Haseldine Road
London Colney
St Albans


Relax Back & Enjoy Pure Sitting Comfort

Furniture for Pure Sitting Comfort and Relaxation

Summer has finally arrived, and many of us become more active around the home and garden. As Autumn approaches, we often find ourselves spending more time inside our homes, so take the opportunity now to review your seating comfort, by asking yourself the following five questions:

  1. Are you able to take the weight off your feet with a footrest or footstool?
  2. Are you able to recline your sofa for a more relaxed position? 
  3. Do your feet rest on the floor when sitting upright?
  4. Do you need extra cushions to make your furniture comfortable?
  5. Do your sofa cushions sag in the middle?

Furniture for Pure Sitting Comfort and RelaxationThese are just some of the questions you should consider when you visit the showroom at FineBack Furniture. Understanding an individual’s needs and their postural requirements is key to finding the perfect seating solution.

Whether you experience a stiff neck, low back pain when sitting, or find it difficult to stand from the seated position, there is a chair or sofa that will address your issues.


The FineBack showroom in London Colney is a unique venue where you can try a broad range of seating and enjoy personal advice and recommendation. As an independent retailer, the advice is unbiased and focused on securing the best solution for the customer. For this reason, their customer base is both nationwide and international.

Himolla Furniture

One of many luxury brands stocked by FineBack is Himolla Furniture from Germany. It is widely recognised to achieve a perfect balance of modern design and ultimate support for your back.

Many models within the range can be selected with different seat width and height, and there are options for integral footrests and reclining action that maintains lumbar support.


All Cumuly recliners within the Himolla brand display the following qualities:

• High backrest with tilting headrest
• Independent back angle adjustment
• Integrated footrest
• Contoured lumbar support
• Options for seat firmness
• Choice of 100 quality leathers and 20 wood finishes

The reclining chairs and sofas available from FineBack are available with many different features, colours, fabrics and features. You can look through the different ranges of each type of recliner by choosing from the pages below;

Swivel Reclining Chairs Furniture Range
Reclining Chairs & Sofas Furniture Range
Lounge Chairs & Sofas Furniture Range

rh mereo office chair

Retail Sales Consultant Job with FineBack

Retail Sales Consultant with exceptional people skills required

FineBack Furniture is a small and growing company that specialises in the supply of high quality ergonomic furniture for the home and office. Our products can make a real difference to the lives of people who experience back pain or who are seeking more comfortable furniture.  We have a retail showroom based just outside St. Albans in Hertfordshire and our business is generated by a variety of means – media advertising, a comprehensive online shopping platform, therapist referral and personal recommendation.

Himolla luxury recliners & sofas

Luxury Reclining Sofas

We  have a great opportunity for an enthusiastic Retail Sales Consultant with exceptional people skills and the ability to communicate effectively both verbally and written.  Retail sales experience is not essential but you should have spent time working in a customer facing role, ideally with analytical or problem solving skills.

Our customers value our knowledge and expertise so a good recall for product specification will be helpful.  In this role you will be offered continued training and support to portray a comprehensive and professional image to our commercial and home customers.Zero Gravity Recliners

Key responsibilities:

  • Welcoming customers to the showroom and establishing their needs. Selecting appropriate furniture whether office or domestic and adjusting to suit
  • Following up on customer enquiries and maintaining a strong customer relationship
  • Maintain good visual merchandising with clear labelling and price updates
  • Receiving online orders, order processing and arranging courier despatch
  • Assisting with inbound deliveries and checking for conformity to order placed. This can involve manual handling with associated storeroom management and showroom display.
  • Liaising with customers and delivery agents to finalise delivery schedules

Valuable Skills:

  • Attention to detail with excellent record keeping
  • Will suit a self motivated and highly organised individual
  • Computer literacy is essential with a clear interest in developing new skills relating to website updating and social media
  • This role will require some Saturday working on a rota basis
  • An enthusiasm and passion for design, furniture and making a difference
  • The ability to prioritise and a clear desire to succeed

If you are interested in the above position, then please forward your CV and a covering letter, by email to info@fineback.co.uk or by post to the address below:

FineBack Furniture
7-9 Haseldine Road
London Colney
St Albans

Salary is dependent on experience and will range from £18000 – £22,000 per annum. If you are selected for an interview we will endeavour to contact you within 7 days of receiving your application.