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Axia Office - Ergonomic Office Chair

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The Axia Office High Back shares similar features to the Axia Pro with added functionality

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£630.00 exc.VAT £756.00 inc.VAT View Price Guarantee

To Order

Estimated Delivery: 3 weeks

Request a Quote For Custom Order

The Axia Office High Back Chair can be adjusted to meet the needs of an individual user.  This Axia Office model has a variable back angle allowing the user to preset the angle most comfortable for their situation. A user can therefore recline back during relaxation and hence alternate their sitting position.

The foremost part of the Axia seat is fixed, so that only the rear part of the seat moves up and down. The result: optimum and comfortable support when sitting passively and correct activation of back and stomach muscles when sitting actively. This keeps the seat height correct at all times.

Every Axia offers the dynamic seating option. The seat and backrest move together, ensuring the correct support for the pelvis while the angle between back and seat remains the same.

Functions which need to be changed during work can be operated on both the right and left hand sides of the chair.

Product Features: Axia Office High Back
-Seat height adjustment
-Seat Slide
-Back height adjustment
-Variable back angle
-Unique seating position for pelvic support
-Tension adj. for user weight
-Black moulded footbase

Dimensions: Axia Office High Back
Seat height: 40-55cm
Back height: 46cm
Seat depth: 38-48cm
Armrest Height: 20-31cm
Armrest width/depth: 36-53cm/4cm
Weight setting: 40-135kg

Axia Chairs offer a great opportunity to customise the working chair to your own requirements. This will involve a factory order and an approximate delivery time of 3-4 weeks.

If you are in any doubt as to the anicipated delivery on your specific order then please contact customer services on 01727 827744. 

Orders that are placed for a bespoke product involving a selection of fabric type, fabric colour and chair specification cannot be returned. For full details on our returns policy, please refer to our terms and conditions.

FineBack regularly monitor and adjust our prices to ensure that we remain competitive. If you have found the same product elsewhere for a cheaper price then just let us know and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

If you have a requirement for a bulk order, then please contact us using the form below or call us immediately on 01727 827744.

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This chair carries a 10 year warranty for usage up to 8 hrs a day.  For 24 hour use the chairs carry a 3 year guarantee.  Axia office chairs have been granted the FIRA Ergonomics Excellence award.

Axia products are manufactured to a very high standard and it is very rare that we encounter problems.  If a fault does arise with the chair then FineBack will ensure a prompt response to rectify the issue.

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