Comfort in Seating – and the Long and the Short of it!

Comfort in Seating – and the Long and the Short of it!

Comfort in Seating – and the Long and the Short of it!

We are all individuals and don’t necessarily comply with the dimensions for Mr and Mrs Average.  So why put up with furniture that was made for somebody else?

David Holloway from FineBack Furniture seeks out modern, contemporary designs that offer a variety of sizes and in some cases a bespoke fit.  Visits to the International furniture shows have allowed FineBack to draw in exciting new concepts in seating from across the world.

Himolla furniture was introduced to their portfolio eighteen months ago and this period has experienced a rapid growth in quality ergonomic seating for the home.  Manufactured in Germany to exacting standards,  Himolla build all their furniture to order with a choice of over 100 leathers and 20 wood finishes.

With a diverse range of models, from the ever popular and supportive Rhine to the more modern Lune,  Himolla offers a complete family of seating that includes, swivel recliners, armchairs, 2 & 3 seater reclining sofas both manual and electric.

If you have ever found that when seated your feet don’t touch the ground or you can’t get effective back support without cushions, then investigate the Himolla Humber Mini recliner armchair.  Achieving a low seat height of 16.5 inches  and a short seat depth of 18.0 inches, there really is no need to compromise your seating comfort.

Similarly, taller people can frequently discover that chair back height is too low for resting the head and relaxing.  Furthermore a seat height which is too low is manifested by knees being higher than the hips.  and this can lead to problems with back pain.  FineBack have now introduced luxury Swivel Recliners from ROM which can be varied in seat height, seat depth, seat width and most importantly back height.

Again these chairs are only manufactured to order and if you believe that you could benefit from a professional seating assessment then visit FineBack Furniture in London Colney.  The modern showroom displays a wide range of seating that you can experience for yourself and then when you are ready, make an informed choice.

Posted by Iconography Ltd
15th April 2018

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