Himolla Furniture Spring Sale

Himolla Furniture Spring Sale

The Popular Himolla Spring Sale is Back at FineBack!

The popular Spring Sale for Himolla Furniture has now commenced with attractive discounts across the entire range of luxury recliners and relaxing, reclining sofas. Manufactured in Germany, Himolla produce high quality furniture with robust frames and mechanisms that will ensure durability and comfort over many years.

FineBack Furniture have extended their showroom display of Himolla recliner chairs and sofas every year since its inception. Customers are genuinely enthusiastic about the comfort and range of options available and this has resulted in FineBack having one of the largest showrooms for Himolla in and around the London area.

This season has seen the introduction of two new Himolla models into the FineBack showroom, the Himolla Spey and the Himolla Albatross. The Himolla Spey swivel recliner comes as standard in a 3 motor format, offering independent adjustment of leg rest, backrest and neck rest positioning. As the legs are raised, the seat tilts to preserve the back angle providing the most supportive sit.

Himolla Spey electric recliner

The Himolla Spey model can also be specified with a ‘heart balance feature’, allowing the legs to be raised to a much higher elevation, improving circulation to the lower limbs. The handset incorporates additional buttons to activate the heart balance function and when operated will achieve a most relaxing position. Whilst not quite a zero gravity recliner, the reclined position will reduce downward pressure on the spine and encourage decompression of the intervertebral discs. There is also a lift chair version of the Spey recliner but do note that this cannot be combined with the Heart Balance feature. To achieve a perfect fit, there are three sizes of chair available with the extensive choice of leather grades, fabric and footbase options.

The other new addition to the Showroom is the Himolla Albatross model that comes as a recliner, fixed chair and a choice of reclining sofas (see main photo at the top). All of these variants including the sofa come with an extended recline position allowing the user to achieve high legrest elevation. As always, the test for any item of furniture is to try it for yourself and FineBack Furniture has the expertise to guide you through model selection to achieve the best solution for your comfort and backcare needs.

Visiting FineBack Furniture could not be easier. We are located just one mile from Jct 22 of the M25, close to the junction with the M1. So motorway access from all directions is good and we have ample free parking to the rear of the showroom. We look forward to your visit and can ensure a good selection of comfortable and relaxing furniture for you to experience.

4th April 2019

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